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What to know before buying a Good bookshelf speaker?

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It is always a wise decision to do a little even before buying a simple gadget yourself. All manufacturers always claim their products to be the best, so do bookshelf speaker manufacturers. All bookshelf speakers have their own strong points that attract customers & also there are few weak points that one might consider before that.

So today we are going to let you know the Things That You Should Know Before Buying a Bookshelf Speaker so that you can make the right buying decision. So stay with us till the end of this article.

A good bookshelf speaker is the perfect example of a true speaker or soundbox. Among few types of speakers, it is the most popular one all over the world. The reason is also quite obvious. Many people who don’t know about different types of speakers will choose a bookshelf speaker among all.

When we asked random people who do not have any idea regarding the classification of different speakers, they indicated only bookshelf speakers. The main reasons are its affordable price tag, takes small space, compatible with most devices, the best choice for gaming, compact weight & size & so on.

Now, here are all the things you need to consider before buying a Bookshelf Speaker. Have a look:

1. Buying Purpose

First thing first, you need to determine why you are going to buy a Bookshelf speaker. Every one of you may have a different purpose for buying your bookshelf speaker. Some of you may want to listen to music, some of you may want to watch movies & Tv-series, Some of you may want one for gaming & some of you may want to make your bookshelf speakers a part of your home theatre system. There are some customers who also need a pair of bookshelf speakers for multipurpose, or maybe for all we mentioned earlier. So that it is very important to identify your main purpose for buying a Bookshelf speaker. Thus you can go for the right type you need.

2. Main Focus Regarding Your Buying Purpose

As we have mentioned in the beginning, different bookshelf speakers have different strong points. The premium quality or Good Bookshelf speaker never ensures you that it will be perfect at every segment. If you already have chosen the main purpose for buying a bookshelf speaker then there are different segments that you need to look after. For example,

Bookshelf Speakers for Music

If you are looking for a good Bookshelf speaker for music then you must choose one that is good for music. Most music lovers also want deep bass. A bookshelf speaker with a lower Hertz rate will ensure deep & strong bass. Having an extra-large size magnet will also ensure deep & strong bass like most Andrew Jones Speakers. Also, make sure that the volume level is up to your expectation.

Bookshelf Speakers for Movies & TV Shows

If you are willing to buy one bookshelf speaker for watching movies & TV shows then make sure that your bookshelf speaker has the Speech/Voice Clarity feature. Some bookshelf speakers make the voice very clear & natural that feels very lively & enhances your experience a lot. So make sure that your bookshelf speaker has this feature.

Bookshelf Speakers for Gaming

For the best gaming experience, you need a good bookshelf speaker that has precise & balanced audio quality with deep bass. During gaming, you will listen to music, footsteps, speech & other sounds as well. That is why a balanced quality bookshelf speaker will do the job. If you have your own gaming room then having a bookshelf speaker with Room-Filling audio technology will give you the best lively gaming experience.

Bookshelf Speaker for Multipurpose Usage

For multipurpose usage, you need a bookshelf speaker with balanced audio quality. You do not need very deep bass here. A balanced quality bookshelf speaker will make everything enjoyable no matter for which purpose you use this.

Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theatre System

If you are looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers to use with your home theatre system then you must check the connection features that it has. Make sure that it will support your existing speakers & woofers. At this point, we recommend you to buy the same brand bookshelf speaker as your woofers, sub-woofers & other soundboxes.

3. Make Your Budget

Things get complicated here. Everyone wants to buy the best bookshelf speakers. But most of you may not have a high budget for your bookshelf speaker. So that we recommend that you make a fixed budget & then only look for the best bookshelf speakers within that budget, to make your purchase easier.

4. Wired or Wireless

After deciding your budget you need to decide whether you will go for a wired bookshelf speaker or a wireless bookshelf speaker. Wired bookshelf speakers are the traditional & widely used bookshelf speakers. If you want a bookshelf speaker for your TV, Desktop Computer or Gaming Console then you should choose a wired one. But if you are willing to use this on multiple devices like your Laptop, Smart Phone< tablet then choosing a Wireless Bluetooth one might be a wise decision.

5. Room Size

Room size is important to choose a bookshelf speaker. Some bookshelf speakers come with Room-Filling technology that only works in small or medium rooms. If you have a large or medium-large room then do not choose those. Some speakers work well in large living rooms, go with those.

6. Speaker Size & Weight

If you are willing to move your bookshelf speakers very often & want to use it keeping in multiple places then you should look for a smaller & lighter bookshelf speaker. Otherwise, size & weight does not matter. Bookshelf speakers do not come in a big size like Floorstanding Speakers or Party Speakers.

7. Wall Mount Feature

Some of you may want to wall mount your bookshelf speaker. Make sure that your bookshelf speaker pair has that feature. For a home theatre system, this feature is also very important. But if you are going to keep it on a table then this feature does not matter.

Accessories You Need

Last but not the least, make sure that the accessories you need like an audio jack come with your bookshelf speaker pair. Otherwise, purchase the accessories that will not come with the packaging.

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