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Ever Wondered What Does Blog Stand for? Let’s Learn About It

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Have you ever thought about, “what does blog stand for?” The word itself just isn’t an acronym, instead, it is a shortened form of what Internet enthusiasts once called a “weblog.”

What Does Blog Stand For: Definition

Short for Weblog, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

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So Exactly What Does Blog Stand for? Finding The Truth

Even though many people suspect that the expressed word “blog” is short for like “HTML,” it is nothing regarding the sort. To be able to understand also the origins really plus the meaning behind the word “blog,” it is important to comprehend the reputation for blogging.

Unlike almost every other object or technology that you could use within your everyday activity, blogging has had a brief history. In reality, the word “weblog” was renamed “weblog,” from which “blog” was derived.

“Weblog” was only first utilized by Jorn Barger in December 1997 on his website Robot that is own Wisdom.

The Evolution of Blog

From 1997 to 2000, there were so few blogs on the web that blogger Cameron Barrett associated with the infamous website Cam world surely could catalog every one of the weblogs they every day that he came across on the Internet, and visitors typically visited almost all of. In 1999, the list consisted of no more than 23.

At that time, weblogs were defined by those in the blogging community as websites with dated entries. At the time, bloggers also needed to be website designers who created these websites from scratch without many tools at their disposal.

Free Blog Platforms Result a Boom in Blog Industry

In mid-1999, Pitas developed the first free, easy-to-use blogging platform, which led to the development of a huge selection of new online blogs almost overnight. Needless to say, after 1999 and 2000 came the giant blogging that is free referred to as Blogger and WordPress, amongst others.

When the average man or woman had a simple platform to produce a fairly nice and clean web site which they could easily update on a weekly or daily basis, the “blogosphere” was transformed forever into a tiny clique of Internet enthusiasts to an extremely large (and growing) community of individuals who are enthusiastic about, and blog about, a tremendous number of topics from gardening, to camping to finance.

How the word “Blog” is Used

The transformation around the globe of blogging provided new answers to the question, “So what does blog stand for? whilst the original meaning of the phrase “blog” certainly arises from the idea of an internet log of entries, links as well as other information” today, a blog isn’t any longer just one single format or style. Nor is a blog developed by only 1 variety of people or on just a few topics.

Today, you and communicate with you if you are seeking out a community of bloggers who share your fascination with UFOs, genealogy, music, or any other subject under the sun, you’ll likely find thousands of folks out there who form an online blogging community who are eagerly waiting to meet.

Just how do those communities are joined by you? It is easy – start your blog, and touch upon other blogs.

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