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Treks in Himachal Pradesh

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The north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh is a favorite Himalayan destination place for adventure and trekking lovers. Himachal Pradesh is known for its extreme and thrilling treks that keep the adrenaline rush running. In this place, there are a few famous treks that one can try like Pin Parvati pass, Hampta Pass, Deo Tibba Base camp, and Buran Ghati. Himachal Pradesh is home to hundreds of treks out of which some are open throughout the year and in a particular season time some treks are closed. However, the season of summertime, in particular, makes for the best time to trek in Himachal Pradesh. In the month of April to June a thousand treks open for the adventure seekers in Himachal namely Kareri Lake trek, Indrahar Pass trek, and more. In the summer season, you can do both easy and tough treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is like a place where a number of pupils are attracted because of its passes. In Himachal Pradesh, literally, there is no end to the number of hill trails you can explore.

Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek is a crossover trek which is most famous for its spectacular views and the perfect contrast of countryside. The trek is relatively easier than the Other most trek in Himachal Pradesh, which makes it very much viable for everyone. Hampta pass is situated at a height of 4270 meters on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas, which is present between the small path of kullu valley and Lahul’s Chandra valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is an easy to medium difficulty level trek but confidently tests tolerance. So it is advised to carry large amounts of water and dry fruits during the climb. If you want to do this trek, the month of June to October is ideal for you to complete this trek.

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

In the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh it is one of the most glorious treks which is popularly known as Chota Chandratal trek. The best time to do Deo Tibba Base camp is between the months of May to October. Deo Tibba Camp is a moderate level trek, if you want to do this trek but you are a beginner, then you should first practice physically and mentally at least 2-3 months to do this trek. It is a mountain which is situated in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. Deo Tibba is the place that enchants every tourist to travel there at least once in a lifetime. The idea of trekking to Deo Tibba brings you out of the eyesight of lovely hills and lush green meadows and glorious peaks.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

This trek is present in Himachal Pradesh. It is known as the place where the mighty saint maharishi Bhirgu sat in deep yoga. The Bhrigu lake trek is classified as a trek of moderate level of difficulty. The best time to visit this place is mid-May to September, highly recommended if time allows.

Indrahar Pass Trek

It is the hill pass in the Dhauladhar site of the Himalayan. The amazing beauty of nature is a hidden beauty you can not explain by words. If you go through this place it’s the only way you can feel. Indrahar Pass is a challenging trek as it gets steep after snow time. The Indrahar pass trek is considered a moderate-level trek. During the month of April to October, it attracts tourists to visit this magnificent view. In this trek staying up late for a long time is not suggested.

Chandratal Lake Trek

This is the lake in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh India. Chandra Tal is near the source of the Chandra river. The summer season of March to June is the perfect time to witness this Spiti Valley not only due to the pleasant weather but also fewer crowds. For that winter vacation during the month of October-February is a good time to visit Spiti.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

It is one of the most challenging Himalayan treks. The most perfect time to visit this place is during the months of October and November. At this time you can see mountain clear views and a beautiful night sky. This camp provides a stunning walk through the scenery and ethnic passes along with abundant hill avenue, Gundruk village, and several types of flora and fauna.

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