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Tips to Maintain and Monitor the Netgear WiFi Range Extender

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The Netgear WiFi Range Extender helps to widen the networking coverage range throughout the house. With its enhanced wireless coverage, it seamlessly covers wide areas with ease. Moreover, the extender allows other fifteen devices to connect to the extender and increase the internet connection so that everyone can access it into the palm of their hands. Yes, the Netgear wireless extender can be operated with mobile phones as it has the NETGEAR WiFi Analyzer app. It also provides you with safe and secure network support with the WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption standards. 

The Netgear_ext is universally compatible with other modems, wireless routers, and gateways that can be connected to the wireless extender. You can also use it to plug into the game consoles and also stream with your friends. For the installation of the device, you can use the installation assistant. So that you can set up the device easily. Henceforth, the Netgear wifi extender can be connected with any wireless device and it can be your laptop, computer, notebook, tablet, or mobile device. 

Maintain or Monitor the working of the Netgear WiFi Range Extender

The Netgear WiFi Range Extender seamlessly boosts up the wifi range of your existing wifi router.  Also, access hard-to-reach areas with more convenience. As it provides smart wifi connectivity and then connects to fifteen more devices at the same speed with flawless speed. Even after being connected to many devices, it still provides you the wireless coverage without dropping the connection in between the speed. Along with that you can manage or monitor the settings of the extender.

Modify the wireless extender username and wifi password

You can modify the username and the wifi password so that you can easily log into the wireless range extender. Go to the computer settings or the wifi settings of the device to get connects to the wifi networking connection. Open a safe web browser on your client device. In the search bar, enter www.mywifiext.net, and then you redirects to the page in which you have to enter the username and the password. After login, the wireless extender menu displays on your web screen. 

Now select the settings of the extender and then click on the password option. In the new user name field, type the new username, and in the password section, enter your new password. After entering the password, click on verify the password field. Now some questions are going to be asked by the device and to confirm the password you have to enter the accurate answers. In the end, click the save.

How to turn on or off the protection of the default password?

It suggests to the users that they should always turn on the password protection for the safety of the network connection. But it’s upon you if the protection is already on and you want to turn it off then the same method applies with it also. The same step is with this method. You need to access the homepage of the Netgear extender. 

When the home page displays on the web screens then select the settings of the extender and tap on the password settings. Hence the password setting page displays on the screens of the computer. From there, you can select the password on or off the radio button and then save the settings.

How to recover the forgotten username and password?

If you forget the password and are not able to access the web page then you can recover it if you lose it. Access the settings of the Netgear extender and go to the username and password help link. Now a page displays which requests to answer the security questions. Also tap on the enter after providing them the right answers. Then move ahead, the email and the password display. Now come back to the homepage of the Netgear extender and again login to the wifi extender. 

How to backup the Configured settings of the Extender?

When the range extender is working effectively then it is suggested to back up the configured settings. After the backup, if you want to change the settings with the new one. Then you can restore it and back up the configured settings of the extender. Go to the menu bar and the extender menu displays on the screens. Now select the settings of the browser and tap on the other settings. Now click on the backup and the web browser, remove the configured files from the extender and locate it into your PC.

Firmware Upgrade of the Netgear Range Extender 

When mywifiext refused to connect to the router then check for the new firmware of the extender. If you modify the settings of the device and then find any update in the settings then you can do it after accessing the homepage of the wireless range extender. Simply open the safe internet browser and prompt with your email and password. When you reach the extender web page then go to the extender menu and tap on the settings and then click on the firmware update.

Now simply check the online by pressing the button. On that page, if you find any firmware update then download it to your computer. You might need to unzip the firmware file. Now click on the browse button and then locate the new file with a customized name and hit on the upload button. This is how you can upgrade the firmware on your extender within a few minutes of the process. 

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