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Benefits of Intended Parents Matching Process & Surrogate Mothers

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Surrogacy means different things to different people, but for parents-to-be, it is an opportunity to start a family and fulfill their parenthood dreams. For surrogate mothers, it is a chance to help a family in need. For everyone involved, surrogacy is a rewarding, extraordinary, and life-changing journey.

The following is a discussion of some of the benefits of surrogacy for intended parents and surrogate mothers.

How Do Intended Parents Benefit From Surrogacy?

Those who wish to become parents come from different backgrounds. Some are single parents, some are same-sex couples and many are those who have struggled with infertility and have attempted other fertility options. All these intended parents share a common dream- a strong desire to become parents. Surrogacy can make this dream happen!

The following are some benefits of surrogacy for intended parents:

  1. This procedure enables single people, infertile couples, and individuals of the LGBT community to experience parenthood.
  2. In a majority of cases, gestational surrogacy permits either one or both parents to share their genetics with their child.
  3. With surrogacy, intended parents get a chance to raise their child from birth.
  4. During the surrogacy process, intended parents are actively involved during the pregnancy, starting from the transfer of the embryo to their child’s birth.
  5. Intended parents are able to form a bond with the surrogate mother and her family members.
  6. Intended parents typically face fewer impediments with surrogacy than with adoption.
  7. Since surrogate mothers have already had previous pregnancies, they have a viable uterus. This increases the chances of successfully completing a surrogate pregnancy.
  8. Surrogacy has a better success rate compared to fertility treatments.
  9. Intended parents gain more peace of mind and control during the pregnancy than with adoption or fertility treatments.


Although surrogacy does have its challenges for intended parents, it is a viable option for people who have exhausted other means of adding to their families.

How Do Surrogate Mothers Benefit?

The experience of surrogacy is different for every woman. However, the process carries with it some definite rewards and benefits.

The following are some benefits of surrogacy for surrogate mothers:

  1. Surrogates experience pride and personal satisfaction in the knowledge that they have helped another family in an incredible way.
  2. During the pregnancy, the surrogate mother is able to share her journey with the parents-to-be. This helps her develop a connection with them.
  3. Surrogacy enables women who enjoy the experience of pregnancy to become pregnant again, even if they already have a family.
  4. Surrogate mothers enjoy a sense of belonging and community with women who have participated in this process.
  5. Surrogates set a stellar example of generosity and selflessness for people around them.
  6. The surrogate’s expenses, including access to counseling and health care services, are reimbursed throughout her pregnancy.
  7. In the case of a compensated surrogacy, the surrogate mother will receive compensation for her assistance. She may use this money to fulfill her financial goals such as paying for college or purchasing a home.


Surrogacy is an emotionally and physically demanding experience which only a special person can fulfill. The women who opt to become surrogate mothers find it rewarding to see a completed family.

For more information about surrogacy and how it can benefit you, please contact Rite Options.

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