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Precautions to take When Sending iPhone to Apple Store

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When people send their iPhones to repair stores, they are worried that the data in their mobile devices will be stolen or the original accessories will be lost forever. But when you are sending the phones to a licensed and trustworthy Apple store in Cedar Falls, you need not worry.

Take Precautions Before Sending Phones to Apple store in Cedar Falls

Still, you have to take a few precautions before sending the iPhone to the repair store. These safety measures will ensure that your phone is not misused and data is not stolen. The precautions that you need to take are mentioned in the below points.

Saving Data on Backup Files

Every mobile device, including an iPhone, has a backup file system. The first thing you need to do is create a backup folder and save everything there. This file is password protected; only you will be the one who can have access to the files.

Replace all Old Passwords

It would help if you thought about why to change the old passwords of online accounts as no one can know them. But hackers have the skills to hack into the accounts and know the password. Changing the passwords will not give access to the accounts to anyone.

Turn off the Security Settings

The security settings on the iPhone protect your mobile, and tracking the device becomes easy. So, before handing your phone over to the Iowa Apple store, you should turn off the security setting because there will be no issues in iOS installation.

Take out the iPhone Accessories

If the accessories like charger, power cable, and headphones are original and come with the iPhone, you should ensure that only the phone is sent to the store. Leave these accessories, including iPhone protective cover, at home.

Remove Memory and SIM Card

Many repair stores, including iTech Gurus, instruct the customers to remove the memory and SIM card because these two things have most of the data stored. Remove the cards before leaving the iPhone with the technicians.

Don’t Forget to Take the Service Charges Voucher

Before leaving the shop, you should not forget to take the voucher on which the price of the services required for the iPhone is mentioned. On this receipt, the services you have hired are also mentioned.

Saving Data Elsewhere

Although creating a backup file is important, you are often unable to retrieve the data. So, to avoid this situation, you can save the data on another electronic device like a laptop or desktop computer. When you have ensured that the data is saved elsewhere, now you should delete everything.

Select the Right Urbandale Apple Certified Store

How will you know that the store you have selected is the right one? The comments and reviews of clients can tell a lot about the store. If the clients are satisfied with the services, you can take the iPhone to the store.

Note Down IMEI

Many people don’t pay attention to the IMEI, the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It is a series of fifteen numbers that help the phone users to track their phones. You should note down the numbers; just in case your phone can’t be tracked.

It would help if you took these precautions before leaving your iPhone at the Apple store in Cedar Falls.

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