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Most Common Workplace Accidents in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is one of the most populated cities in the United States, and with an urban population comes more risks for occupational accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by working in high-risk environments or by not following safety procedures. A nationwide study found that around 8% of all workplace deaths occur in Philadelphia alone. This alarming statistic has led to many efforts to improve workplace safety.

Employers are expected to maintain a safe workplace for their employees. That is because, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against any employee who reports unsafe conditions. If this Act was not in place, many injuries could have been prevented. However, there are times when accidents still occur due to unsafe conditions. In these cases, it may be necessary to seek assistance from Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys.

We will now see the most common types of workplace accidents in Philadelphia.

  1. Industrial accidents 

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of industrial accidents occurring in Philadelphia workplaces. In fact, according to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor, there were over 3,000 accidental deaths on construction sites, and work-related accidents accounted for nearly 50% of all fatal injuries. This is not only alarming but hugely costly.

  1. Explosions

Every day, nearly 500 workers are injured in accidents on the job. One of the most common types of workplace accidents includes explosions due to improper use of chemicals or gases. Chemical plant explosions are among some of the most common causes for these incidents, which can lead to one or more fatalities. Improper use of substances, such as acetylene gas, is also a major cause of work-related accidents, causing fires and explosions across Philadelphia.

  1. Chemical exposures

The most common workplace accidents in Philadelphia are chemical exposures. Many accidents happen when workers are exposed to chemicals, which can lead to many different illnesses and health risks. These harmful chemicals can cause burns, respiratory problems, and even death. Studies show that 38% of workplace deaths in Philadelphia were due to chemical exposure. 

  1. Slip and fall accidents

In Philadelphia, the most common workplace accidents include slip and fall accidents. In fact, over 80% of workplace injuries in the city are due to a slip or fall. This is because many people do not wear the proper safety gear at work. Safety shoes, for example, help prevent slips and falls by providing a better grip on wet or icy surfaces.

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