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What are The Causes of Low Sperm Count, Symptoms and Treatment?

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Low sperm count is one of the main reasons for male fertility problems in men. Many men suffer from it, but their lack of knowledge keeps them away from the proper treatment. So here’s all you need to know about the small number of sperm.

Low Sperm Count Symptoms

Any man suffering from Low sperm count does not have any outward symptoms on him. Many of these symptoms are related to bedtime activities, and some are clear when men cannot produce children. Still, there are some signs of low sperm volume in a man that can help you identify the low sperm volume in him.

  • Erectile problems in bed 
  • Pain or tumour on the private area of men
  • Less desire to engage in Intercourse
  • Low facial and body hair on a man

Low Sperm Count Causes

Many reasons Can cause low sperm Count in Man, and Obesity is one of those reasons. Due to increased body weight, many men suffer from low testosterone problems that enhance common sperm problems. Some Bad Habits like drinking alcohol and Cigarettes also play a significant role in these problems. Other than that, there are many medical reasons for low sperm volume. 

1. Varicocele

  Varicocele is a swelling in veins that affects the flow from the testicle and creates low sperm counts. The exact cause of varicocele is unknown in medical science, but its effects always leave a mark on your life. 

2. Retrograde  Ejaculation

In this state, the sperm enters the bladder rather than leaving the penis and exits later with urination. This abnormal condition can occur due to your previous surgeries like prostate surgery. 

3. Infection 

 Sometimes sexually transmitted infection blocks the bath way of semen, creating a situation of low sperm volume. 

4. Hormonal Problems

 Hormonal conditions are the biggest reason for decreased sperm count in men. Genetic or environmental reasons can cause it.

5. Antibody 

 A rare scenario in which a body’s antibody mistook sperms as an outside invader and started attacking the sperm. These conditions lower the sperm volume considerably low in your body. 

6. Tumors 

Tumours or Cancer directly affect the reproductive organs of the male, which reduces the sperm volume in your body.

7. Undescended Testicles

 During birth, one of the testicles or both of them fails to descend into the proper position. This situation also creates decreased sperm count and fertility problems in men.

sign of low sperm count

Treatment of Low Sperm Count 

After knowing the symptoms and cause of decreased sperm count, a question should be on your mind on how to treat low sperm count and How to Increase Sperm Count? There are various methods to treat decreased sperm count some of them are easy and some of them are complicated.  

1. Surgery 

 Minor surgery can treat retrograde ejaculation, varicocele, other injuries, and old surgeries related issues. If you are going through IVF treatment, the doctors can use surgery to take the sperm from the testicles directly.

2. Medication 

 In case of some infections and hormonal conditions, doctors prefer to use medication to treat them. In Some cases, infections are well treated with medicine and store the average sperm count in men. 

3. Hormonal Treatment 

 In case of high difference of hormonal level in men is treated with immediate hormonal treatment if he has low Hormones, then he is treated accordingly.

4. Lifestyle Changes 

 Many small lifestyle changes can help eliminate the condition of low sperm count. You can maintain a healthy body weight to ensure the correct levels of testosterone in your body. You can Avoid habits like substance abuse and alcohol that seriously affect your body.

5. Alternative Options

 You can use alternative medicines or herbs like Shilajit and Ashwagandha to eliminate the Decreased sperm Volume problems. Or Better adopt a well-designed diet plan to increase the testosterone and sperm to help your medical treatment.

6. Have Some Patience

 Any treatment or dietary change is not a magic trick. Everything takes time, so have some patience and wait for 3 to 4 months to see the effects of your treatments.

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Bottom Line 

I hope you learn many things about low sperm count and become aware of it. Share your knowledge about it with everyone and raise awareness about this condition because man tends to avoid talking about these issues. 

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