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Is it bad to not wear men’s cotton crew socks with shoes?

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Men get confused between the fact that if they do not wear men’s cotton crew socks with shoes then is it good or bad. You will find mixed answers related to this query because it totally depends on the person whether they want to wear socks with shoes or not. But if we talk for ourselves then we would definitely recommend you wear socks with shoes. Now, one would ask that what is the reason behind it. So, if you want to know the reasons then keep on reading the blog post article.

The benefits of wearing men’s cotton crew socks:

Many people have the problem of sweaty feet. Meaning that when they wear closed shoes like joggers or loafers for a longer period of time then the feet tend to get sweaty. If the feet are not allowed to breath for a longer period of time and you do not dry them then there are significant chances that of your feet developing some kind of infection on them. However, when you wear socks, they absorb all the moisture that might be accumulated on the feet in return keeping them dry and preventing them for developing any kind of yeast infection.

Our feet have more sweat glands then the rest of our body:

If you did not know then our feet have the most sweat glands as compared to any other part of our body. They have about 250,000 glands in total so you can estimate from that how much sweat they are able to produce. Socks prevent this sweat from causing any bacterial or fungal infections like athletes’ foot from forming. Other than that, sometimes what also happens is that our shoes are not really comfortable and when we wear them without socks, they have the tendency of scratching and damaging the feet which can result in blisters formation on the feet.

Without socks there is no layer of material between your feet and the shoes:

As we have discussed above, when you go sockless there is no material between your feet and the shoes that will absorb all the moisture from your feet. This puts the user at risk and increases their chance of developing athletes’ foot and other similar infections. Not only this but if you constantly wear the same pair of shoes without socks then you are providing the bacteria a warm, dark, and moist environment in which they can grow and thrive. Also, going sockless can make your feet and the shoes to smell because of the build-up of sweat and bacteria.

Its fine if you do not wear socks in summers:

In summers it is fine and acceptable if one goes without socks. This is because in summers there are higher chances of feet getting sweaty if you wear socks. However, with slippers one could just wash their feet frequently. One can also use foot powders and anti-perspirants to prevent the excess sweating and odor. If you are looking for high-quality pair of socks that can be used both in the summers and winters, then make sure to browse through the website of Villain Inside. They have some really good variety of men’s cotton crew socks.

Now, lets move on to some of the most frequently asked questions about men’s crew socks.


Q1: What is the point of ankle socks?

Ankle socksare a really good option is summers because they do not have that much of length as in comparison to crew socks and since they just go above your ankles therefore, they trap less heat on your lower leg.
Q2: How do you make regular socks to not show?

If you want your regular socks to not show, then just take the extra part of your socks that is dangling on your feet and wrap it down under your foot and then hook it behind your heel and you are good to go.

Q3: Is not wearing socks healthy?

No! Not wearing socks is not healthy as it puts the user at the risk of developing a fungal infection called the athlete’s foot. And you do not want to contract that fungus as it can damage your toenails.

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