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FlexClip: Amazing Videos Made Easy

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FlexClip is a browser-based video creation tool developed by PearlMountain Limited, offers a one-stop solution for businesses and individuals to easily make professional marketing films and family memories. It is now used and liked by millions of people all around the world.

The video editing software FlexClip bridges the gap between professional editing and user-friendliness. It has frequently been innovative in terms of support for new formats and technologies. It also comes with a set of tools to assist you in creating an appealing digital movie with transitions, effects, and titles.

FlexClip video creator streamlines the process for ease of use and adaptability, whether you want to produce professional business videos or personal video stories to share with family and friends. FlexClip allows you to transform your imagination into spectacular videos, regardless of your ability level.

Interface for Video Editing

When you’re deep in the weeds of fine-tuning video or audio effects, the application’s user interface is about as plain and easy as a tool with such a massive amount of options can be.

Faster & Safer

The usage of browser native processing technology allows for speedier processing while also protecting the privacy and security of the user.

Royalty-free Stock Media

Enjoy unrestricted access to our large media library, which contains over 1,000,000 royalty-free songs, high-quality videos, and photographs for easy video editing.

Thousands of Templates to Choose From

1000+ finely created templates in a variety of categories will inspire you. It is not only time-saving for video production, but it is also incredibly useful for a variety of purposes.

Key Features

  1. Trim Videos – Trim Videos without any loss of quality and get the desired clips instantly
  2. Add Custom Music – Add Your favorite music as background that best fits your requirements
  3. Text – Add Caption Text to your videos to let the viewers know the purpose of your video
  4. Voice Over – Record your Voice and add it as narration to explain the content of the video to your viewers
  5. Merge Videos – Merge Different Videos and photos together in one single video instantly
  6. Video Watermark – Add a watermark to your logo to protect it against theft and copyright
  7. FlexClip has a ton of other features that any video maker can easily get familiar with. To Check out more features of FlexClip, Click Here.


Unlike other video editing tools out there, FlexClip is quite affordable given the features it offers. The basic plan starts from $5.99/mo and Business Plan starts from $19.99/mon. Business Plan includes tons of features like Full HD video support, Unlimited stock videos, Custom Watermarks, and many more Features!


Given the features FlexClip offers under its price, it’s one of the best video editing tools that you’ll find. If you are looking to make videos for your social media or your business, in any case, FlexClip is the best solution for you.

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