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External Security Measures For Your Home

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Security measures are always critical for houses depending on the rate of robberies in the areas. Whether your location has the factor or theft or not, it’s always important to take preventive measures like getting proper siding for your home. 

Like we furnish our interiors and make provisions to restrict any electric or gas outbreak, it’s essential to create safer surroundings on our property. Whether you’ve rented a house, bought a new building, or thinking about renovation, here are some crucial external security measures that will protect your home from any sort of damage or threats. 

Surveillance Cameras 

If something’s disturbing your sleep, or you have a hunch that someone may be trespassing your property, then you need surveillance cameras around your home. Once you install this camera, you’ll be able to monitor and record footage of the occurring around your property while you’re either other of town or sleeping inside. 

Since most burglars attack after midnight, you can install cameras in hidden places on your porch and backyard, also around various areas if that suits your budget and find out about inconvenience in your house.

Door Changes 

It may be unusual for a burglar to use the front door when they break into a house, but 4/10 times, they use it because it’s more accessible. That happens due to limited security precautions. For instance,  if you keep nothing less than a mere lock on your front door, it will be effortless for someone to break in using a bobby pin. 

Most doors have mail or newspaper slots or doggy doors where the robbers can sneak through. Thus, the first precaution you must take is securing your doors and changing the locks. You can upgrade your security system to intelligent locks and use alarming techniques to indicate any acts of break-ins. 

Window Locks 

To change window locks, you’ll often have to replace existing windows. Many break-ins occur through rear house windows or any unlocked or broken inlet to the house. Thus, when you’re moving into a new property or a rental, ensure that you cover each corner of the house and check loose locks. You can have a locksmith over to evaluate the strength of any old waves. 

If your budget allows it, upgrade window security to innovative systems like alarms that indicate a robbery or trespassing through any of the openings of your property. 

Night Lighting On Porches And Backyards 

Another effective way to keep any trespassers away at night is to add dim lighting to your porch and backyard. Most people keep their lights o to scare away intruders and limit the chances of a break-in. 

If someone with the intent of breaking into your house sees the light on past midnight, they’ll likely disregard that thought. Keeping your porch light on makes it easier to identify any form of interference.

For instance, keeping your porch light on will let you know whether it’s a sneaky animal that’s disturbing your sleep at night instead of an intruder.

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