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Rank Your Blog: An Ultimate Guide to Rank Higher on SERPs

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Blogs are the easiest way to take your voice and opinions to the target audience. In recent times, the relevance of blogs has increased considerably. Readers can peep into the mind of the writer. Due to this, blogs are emerging in every niche. Let it be travel, any products or services, beauty products, travel, and others.

Do you think every blog website find their place on the first page of SERPs?

We’ll list the simple steps to Rank Your Blog: 

No! How can millions of websites attain their spot? For you to achieve search engine rankings, it becomes vital to optimize your blog. 

Deciding your niche and topic

The first thing that matters the most is deciding your niche. Everything starts with determining what do you like to write about the most. And the second approach could be what is trending in the market. The latter is risky, as there are many contenders in the segment. 

One thing is when you acquire expertise in your niche, nobody can beat you. Now, let’s see selecting the topic. You can search the web for already topics covered in your niche. Check out if you can add value to those topics. 

Otherwise, you can list related topics to the main issues and connect two or three of them. In this way, you will get a different angle of covering the topic. And SERPs can quickly get you.

Find target keywords and user intent.

Rank Your Blog with Targeted Keywords

Some marketers neglect the relevance of keywords. But, it is not so. You can combine keywords with user intent to get the best results. How to find target keywords? There are several websites such as:

1. Buzzsumo: Put the topic; you’ll get how many shares, likes, and followers are there on the internet.
2. Google Analytics: You can search for keyword search volume and its Google rankings.
3. Ahrefs: Do the competitor’s keyword analysis and find the content gap.

For figuring out the search intent:

1. Create a blog on the general information on the products or services.
2. Design content related to your brand and brand products you’re selling.
3. Compare similar products for better clarity of the customers.
4. Put the exact price and buying information.

Otherwise, you can approach SEO professionals for creating excellent blog content covering desired keywords and user’s search intent.

Remove anything that slows down your webpage to Rank Your Blog

User experience is of paramount importance for search engines. When the number of visitors who start leaving your page increases, search engines decrease your rankings. 

According to statistics, the bounce rate increases by 40% when the loading speed exceeds 3 seconds. So, it is necessary to remove anything that is affecting your blog page speed:

1. Optimize your visuals: Compress images and videos from HD size to standard clarity size.
2. Cross-check your server: When the bandwidth of your blog page increases, the server can’t fetch the website at the desired speed. It indicates that you need to change the server plan.
3. Redirects: Remove unnecessary redirects; it increases the crawling budget and thus rankings.

Take care of the Buyer’s persona and long-form content.

Buyers are at the center of the game between search engines, content writers, and online marketing. They are the ones who pay. So, by taking care of the buyer’s persona, blog rankings rise automatically. It includes:

1. Determine the age group, interest, and behavior of the customers.
2. What are the concern areas of the clients? Addressing the concern areas is hitting the bull’s eye.
3. Verify the demographic profile of the target audience. With this, you can create a blog with local keywords, language, landmarks for covering local SEO.

Other than that, long-form content adopts a 360-degree approach to writing a blog. It contains more than 2400 words. And Google can pick a paragraph for the featured snippets for zero-click results. When a user puts any query, Google checks if any section matches that query. In this way, your rankings also improve.

Create High quality and updated Content to Rank Your Blog

High-quality content steals the show. It is the firm foundation of your blog pages. Create blog content: 

1. Research brings out the unique aspects of the content.
2. Devise your terms as words have power. It brings newness to the already existing content on the web.
3. Keep your content updated as per the latest changes coming in the market. One thing is, doing minor changes. Search engines index your blog pages higher when you revive and brush up on your previous content.


In brief, blogs have become part and parcel of today’s life. Achieving higher rankings is not a one-day process. It requires consistent efforts and proper strategy:

  1. The process begins with recognizing what you can write best on.
  2. Understand why customer is putting queries and what are their needs.
  3. Create awesome blog content to leave a lasting impression on their minds, and they’ll keep coming back to you.
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