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How Effective Are Real Brass Knuckles For Fighting?

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When it comes to deciding the kind of tools and weapons you work with, it’s each man for his own. We all have different kinds of preferences to how we handle fighting and when we need what kind of tool. There are some weapons that are obviously more impactful than others and more permanently damaging as well. But if you want to know how effective are real brass knuckles for fighting, you have to try them out. Brass knuckles are not your normal weapons, and they certainly don’t suit anybody. Since you have to use your own weight and pressure, you need to know if you can use them right or not. Knuckle weapons are dependent on how you use them and with what force. But if you are in a standoff or fighting someone face to face, they are definitely threatening and useful. You just need to know how to use them to your advantage. The punching impact of the real brass knuckle is definitely effective for fighting.

In a fistfight, you are better off using tools that are not potentially fatal like guns. Brass knuckles have been used in direct combat for centuries and are still pretty relevant that way. They were used by soldiers and gladiators and also by people in gangs. But they have long been associated with personal defense in a fight. You might have to familiarize yourself with them first but they can work really well for you. Most people might shy away from a knuckle duster, but it can be pretty useful if you know what to do with it. 

Origin And Evolution Of Knuckle Dusters 

It might be hard to imagine that there are more than a few good weapons out there. Since modern times, guns and other more vicious weapons are considered to be useful. But when it comes to knuckle weapons, it’s simplicity that works in your favor most of the time. Knuckle dusters have been around as early as the 12 Century and perhaps a little longer than that. They were used in South Asia on the battlefield where they were known as Lion Claws. Then they were also discovered in different indigenous cultures, like Navajo in South America. 

During WWI, soldiers needed something to protect them in the trenches against the enemy. Since most of the fighting was done face to face, knuckle dusters became common again. This time, they were modified to be fitted with a knife and it became a combination weapon. The blade and the knuckle collectively made it really impactful in direct combat. This contraption was known as a brass knuckle knife or a trench knife. 

Other than that brass knuckles exert blunt force and that’s why they work for direct conflicts. That is to say for someone who can handle that sort of a fight. There is also a new invention in brass knuckles for women where they come with jagged edges like cat ears. These are known as cat brass knuckles and are used for self-defense against harassment, assault, robbery, and pursuit. 

The Reimagining Of Cool Brass Knuckles 

You will rarely come across a weapon that has been shifted in its meaning and its context as much. Brass knuckles are not only still in use but have dramatically changed from their original purpose. Cut to modern times now, and there is still a certain buzz around brass knuckles. But it is safe to say brass knuckles have survived and their reputation has become something completely different now. You will find a whole new use and image of cheap brass knuckles now. They are the few weapons that crossed the barrier into tools and accessories. Nowadays people like to collect brass knuckles as collectibles and artifacts and have become quite common. 

There are actually an increasing number of brass knuckle accessories that have hit the market now. We all know they are used for fighting and how, but they are also part of modern pop culture. There are a number of ways to use them and let’s see them transition from tools to accessories. 

They are pretty useful to rescue teams and medics when they are on a mission. Brass knuckles are used for breaking the glass to rescue people in burning buildings as well as from car crashes. They are also effective for breaking into claustrophobic spaces and knocking down wild animals. 

As artifacts, brass knuckles are quite popular as home décor and decoration pieces. They are utilized as paperweights because of how heavy they are. You will find a multitude of designs and colors in them that reflect their fun decorative aspects. 

In fashion, brass knuckles are worn as jewelry and accessories, mainly by rappers and musicians. Recently, you can also find them as belts and shoe buckles as well as bag badges and brooches. They are extensively used in fashion as accessories, going as far as clutch handles, combs, hairpieces and rings. You will continue to find new designs in this category as they keep on coming in. 

Other than that, hood ornaments also heavily feature brass knuckles, especially for fancy cars. They are used for heavy bikes as well and often seen adorning a nice shiny car or two. They are still regarded as badass weapons and many people like to associate themselves with that image.

The Best Brass Knuckles And Where To Find Them 

No matter how you choose to use them now, brass knuckles for sale are pretty easy to find and locate. There are multiple places to get them in the market, at buckle stores, and at weapon shops as well. The best source however is online stores. They have the biggest collection of knuckles you will find in one place. The best place to look is a good brass knuckle website like Knife Import. They are the primary dealers of high-quality knuckles for self-defense as well as fashion and décor. Ranging from amazing chromatic designs to classic punching ones, you will find them all on their website at reasonable prices. 

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