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Best Places to Visit Around Bangalore

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There are many places to visit near Bangalore that are graced with a mixture of the Western Ghats and beautiful weather. Just one trip to these locations would be enough to re-energize your souls after a long day of frantic work in the city. Picturesque hill stations, pouring waterfalls, organic rocky outcrops, vast lakes, and steep mountainous regions are just some of the natural wonders to be found.

Nandi Hills

Bangalore people have uncovered the magnificent natural splendour of a hill castle not far from the city centre. Nandi Hills is a small but picturesque village approximately 60 kilometres from Bangalore.

The hills have become the ideal holiday escape for its residents. Nandi Hills is a prominent historical stronghold with a number of monasteries, memorials, and temples. However, it is also a famous historical fortress with a number of shrines, edifices, and holy sites. 


Enjoy the picturesque grandeur of this misty area of hills and streams as you wake up to the scent of relaxing coffee. Coorg dubbed the “Scotland of India,” lives up to its moniker with a seductive mix of heritage, elegance, excitement, and delectable cuisine.

This famed coffee-producing mountain village, located along the western ghats, is well-known for its jaw-dropping breathtaking countryside and wealth. This misty environment has a great heritage and a unique indigenous clan – the Kodavas, who excel in combat sports and are well-known for their hospitality.

From enjoying the natural beauty of this exquisite destination to a hard hike or gaining a deeper understanding of the culture, there is something for everyone.


Kanakpura, a city in Karnataka, is among the lesser-known spots near Bangalore that is ideal for an exciting vacation. There is no shortage of exciting possibilities in Kanakapura, whether you want to experience a variety of unique activities at an adventure camp, go on a night hiking excursion, or delight your senses by partaking in some spectacular water sports. Chunchi Falls & Mekedatu are peaceful picnic sites with stunning natural beauty if you’re traveling with your family. Additionally, there are several opportunities to get amazing images of the neighboring mountains and valleys.


Ramanagara is only a short drive from Bangalore if you’re planning a brief trip with family and friends. It’s a little town in Karnataka with a plethora of fantastic ways for visitors to unwind their physical health. This is also the location where the Bollywood classic Sholay was filmed. Ramanagara is recognized as one of the most rewarding spots for adventure near Bangalore because you may spend your vacation here trekking and rock climbing. Furthermore, the town is surrounded by seven gorgeous hills filled with an unspoiled environment, making it a visual treat.


Sakleshpur, a tiny town in the state of Karnataka, is a beautiful village amid the peaks of India’s the Western Ghats. Sakleshpur’s business thrives because it is bordered by a remarkable amount of coffee, tea, as well as spice farms. Besides that, with the recent rise in tourism in the area, sites to visit in Sakleshpur have recently gained a lot of attention for their attractiveness and the types of adventures they provide, which are both unrivaled.


Chikmagalur, with its beautiful green forests and majestic Mullayanagiri peaks, is among the most popular tourist destinations for trekkers, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and investigators. Many temples, such as the Sharadamba Temple, Vidyashankara Temple, Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple, as well as Amruteshwar Temple, dot the holy land, contributing to the beauty of the area and attracting worshippers from far and wide to offer their prayers. 


Wayanad, known for its pleasant weather throughout the year, is the ideal place to escape the sweltering heat of North India. This location not only offers a pleasant climate, but also has unspoiled woodlands, foggy hills, and sprawling plantations. Wayanad is known as India’s spice field, with several tourist attractions and extensive plantations of spices such as cardamom, cayenne pepper, aniseed, coriander, fenugreek seeds, and others. The fragrance of a coffee plantation, the nourishment of organic produce, and the flowing paddy fields offer this place a particular aroma.


Kabini is a lovely, captivating spot in Karnataka that you should see at least once in your life, whether you’re a nature lover, a wildlife fanatic, or simply someone who enjoys leisure travel. Kabini is a visitor favorite because of the ideal weather, a variety of activities, camping choices, and more. Summers are good for animal viewing, while monsoons are the best time to enjoy the sanctuary’s landscaped gardens, allowing Kabini a year-round destination.


From environment walks in lawns that start making one question if Paradise, as illustrated in numerous cultures’ religious texts, has actually been deduced from such sensory stimuli to soothing over a pot of tea from the tea estates adorning the hill, only to realize most humility of humanity’s greatest presents as a plentiful supplier, the visitor locations in Ooty can be anticipated to reanimate the spirit, drained of its deposits. Ooty, originally the summertime headquarters of the British Madras Presidency, might legitimately be called “India’s Switzerland.”


Savandurga Hills is not just a great weekend vacation spot near Bangalore, but it’s also a significant Karnataka popular tourist destination. The Savandurga Hills is regarded as one of Asia’s single largest rock formations. The Savandurga Hills, which are located near the Amaravati River, have a lot to offer visitors. There are various sports available here, the most well-known of which being mountain climbing and hiking.

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