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8 Types of Digital Marketing You Should Know

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Knowing the types of digital marketing is opening the door to all web possibilities. Digital Marketing is one of those terms that we all have a feeling of knowing what means, but it is somewhat complicated when it comes to explaining it. Is it just sales? Positioning? E-commerce? Ads on social media? These are all types of digital marketing.

Today the borders between online and offline marketing are blurring because many executions are hybrids. That is, they are executed in a virtual way but are combined with activities in the real world. And that’s good. Why? Because it would be a mistake to see online marketing activities totally unrelated to other marketing activities. To give a more complete understanding of the subject, here are 8 examples of digital marketing.

8 Types of Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media certainly has a rightfully earned spot on this list. Promoting a brand, organization, product, or service by using social networks is called social media marketing.

That means that all information exchange and social media engagement (links with followers, fans and partners) is part of digital marketing. In essence, social media marketing is the specific use of social media conversations to increase awareness of an organization, company, brand, or product.

Content Marketing

Content marketing creates consistent and relevant content for a target group to attract greater loyalty and even turn it into a recommender for a brand or organization.

Content marketing aims to establish relationships with the right audiences; In other words, it is not designed to attract everyone but to a very specific segment. It is based on making high-quality content for readers. Content Marketing relies heavily on content distribution, so it can rarely be seen separately from other types of digital marketing such as social media or email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can be explained by optimizing content or websites to appear in search results on search engines like Google. Take Google for example. It decides which websites to show for a search term. The result shows the sites that best match the keywords. That means that SEO has a lot to do with strategically inserted keywords within the content of a site.

Good SEO allows your brand to appear in the first places in searches that are relevant to it. There are multiple strategies to optimize your website for search engines: some of them are accepted by Google and others are considered bad practices and can result in penalties for your website. As you can see, social media and SEO are supports by content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We have explained that SEO describes the process of getting unpaid traffic on search engines. SEM refers to paid traffic on search engines. Google Adwords is the most common way of SEM for the simple reason that Google is by far the most widely used search engine.

In SEM, the search engine is paid an amount of money to display a marketing message within the SERPs (search results pages). SEM is a form of Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Like SEM, another form of PPC advertising also describes marketing methods in which the marketer pays for each click of a link to a website. Apart from search engines, you can do Pay Per Click advertising on almost all social networks. These ads appear on the walls or stream of social networks. Keep in mind that the lines between the various types of digital marketing are often blurry.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based digital marketing. Unlike PPC advertising with affiliate marketing, the advertiser does not pay for the traffic but the conversions. Rates are generally higher, but the risk on the advertiser side is limited as they only pay for conversions.

Normally, bloggers and high-traffic website owners would like to do affiliate marketing because they can make money selling other people’s products to their audience. The best example is the Amazon affiliate program, where commissions range from 6% to 10%.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best connection and conversion channels. Statistically, your ROI is roughly 38 to 1. You can create and nurture a relationship with subscribers by sending regular updates. Email marketing is about much more than buying a mailing list and bombarding them with promotional messages or an advertisement.

The best email marketing results will always be achieved with a subscriber list that has been organically earned and cared for. Thus, your email list becomes your best digital marketing asset. Newsletters can be used to strengthen relationships (business foundations, non-profit organizations, institutions, etc.) or for commercial purposes.

Advertising in Social Messaging

Of course, many of the above digital marketing examples may already have a place on your mobile phone. You’re probably using Facebook, G-mail, and Google on it, after all. But there are other types of marketing on your mobile phone.

SMS advertising has been around for a long time. Marketing through Whatsapp is now a reality. This Colgate campaign, for example, asked to send a smiling photo through this service.

Facebook is currently investing a lot in sending advertising through Messenger, which we could point to as a completely different category, marketing through social messaging.

To sum up

Digital Marketing is a way to connect and influence the audience. The only difference is that the organization or brand connects and influences through online actions. Digital marketing works for businesses, non-profit organizations, public institutions, and personal brands. It can be argued that there are more types of online marketing. However, these 8 examples of digital marketing are enough to know the spectrum and choose the ones that you consider most suitable for your purposes. Keep in mind that they all interact with each other and the lines are often blurred.

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