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7 Killer Winter Look Combinations For Men

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There are still some people who do not know about the versatility of the winter collection 2021-22. After all, they are just sweaters and hoodies only! When in reality, they are so much more. One sweater can turn you casual, while another one can make you look trendy and stylish.

Fashion has undergone a rapid change, with younger celebrities leading the way. Gone are the days when we would slavishly follow Bollywood’s yesteryear icons for fashion inspiration. The oversized jackets and sweatshirts sported by Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor have been revealed to be this season’s must-have winter wear. 

Knowing how to combine them with other clothing items best will take us forward with our fashion statement.

Winter Collection- The Top 7 Killer Winter Looks For Men 

Anarchy is the trend in men’s winter collections this season. Though it is a well combined, well-dressed anarchy. Yesteryears rules are given their due exit to bring to fore the luxe casuals in men’s winter collection:

1. Overcoat with Hoodie

This season’s newest and trendiest duo is an oversized long coat combined with your very own hoodie. If this gets you to wonder, wonder no more and pair a solid colour hoodie with any colour outer long jacket to carry you from Friday morning to Saturday night.

2. Roll-Neck Sweaters with Denim:

Roll necks in the men’s winter collection made a comeback a few years ago, and since then, it has been catching enough eyeballs in the upscale men’s fashion world. For this season, a roll-neck sweater is a must in your winter collection. Combine it with cool blue denim to flaunt a sensual rugged look.

3. Hoodie With Tracks

The work-from-home culture is bringing more and more comfortable clothing into fashion. What was unthinkable in apparel a few years ago is now much accepted and appreciated in public. Though a hoodie with tracks has always been a combo, men are now seen wearing it on all casual occasions. Stock in a few hoodies in your winter collection this season, and you will have many grounds covered.

4. Sweatshirts With Denim

Sweatshirts are the most used winter wear of all. Always the first to come out and last to go in, it is suitable for all occasions. A sweatshirt with denim is for all ages and almost all places. From cute kids to seasoned men, everyone loves it, and this trend is here to stay for many more years. Buy vibrant red, yellow, and blue colours of sweatshirts and pair them with blue and black denim, and you are good to go anywhere.

5. Overcoat With Pants:

Most stylists will tell you that an overcoat looks good on all men. Our very own Hrithik Roshan loves getting clicked in them. So if you don’t already have it, an overcoat will make the best entrant in your winter collection. Team it up with pants, and you are ready to kill it in both the formal and the casual occasion.

6. Full Sleeve T-shirts With Sleeveless Jackets

A full-sleeve tee with half-jackets is one trend that is popular mainly for its usefulness. When the weather is cool but not cold, you put on some bold colored full sleeve t-shirts and combine them with a sleeveless jacket. The given duo will be the most helpful combination of your winter collection, which takes care of both the afternoon sun and the evening chill. You can get an evergreen puffer jacket for a more trendy look.

7. Blazers With T-Shirts

The millennials want to experiment like never before. Making bold statements is as much admired as the most expensive labels. The combination of fun printed t-shirts with formal blazers is winning the heart from a season or two. Make sure you have them for your winter collection this season.

Buy Winter Collection Online 

So, now that you know “What to buy,” you have to figure out “where to buy” them. Online shopping is fast becoming the preferred place of shopping for most people. It saves you the time you would have spent store hopping and gives you the trendiest selection of winter clothes in one place. We have recently found the Feranoid online store among the best online stores to shop for your winter collection. 

Feranoid has the most extensive collection of full sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that are affordable and best in quality. The site has easy purchase and returns policies with payment links, gateways, and great combos & discounts. 


Winter is the season to go bold, experiment, throw away all the rules, and make statements with your everyday winter wear combinations. You can go all out in your winter collection this year and try combinations that will get you noticed in a good way. 

To buy the latest, check out the Feranoid online store, and you will have access to the best styles.

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