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5 Keys Tips to Creating a Stunning Logo

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The creation of the logo is often the birth of that project that you have thought, studied, and evaluated so much to make it come true. At least in my case, I start by sketching the logo to understand that this idea is beginning to emerge. Then it will surely change, but it will already have an identity.

Anyway, if you are here reading but you are not a designer, there are always options to design your logos like DesignEvo, where you can do this without knowledge and design skills. And that is the purpose of logo makers to service every non-design to create logos for free or at a small cost.

Whether if you are on one side or the other, these tips will help you in both cases. So just read further if you are interested in creating a logo by yourself.

Check out 5 killing tips and make your own logo

1. Defining the guidelines

Before grabbing a pencil and paper, you must ask yourself some questions whose answers will help you focus on the value and information you want to convey from the logo. Some of these questions are the ones that will later help you to make a description of the company in the typical sector “The Company” or “Who You Are.”

What is the objective of the company? What are the vision and values of your company? What is your target client? What messages do you want to convey through your logo? What is your product or service different from the other?

All these questions will inspire y​​our logo’s characteristics and save you creation time since we have firm parameters to unleash creativity.

2. Studying the competition

At this point, it is not about copying someone else’s logo, none of that. But it is super important that we know what the competition’s logos are like so as not to repeat isotypes, fonts, etc.

If you are going to make T-shirts and put an isotype crocodile on them, your brand will consistently relate to the competition and not in the best way.

That said, by studying the competition, you will have an understanding of the image you will give, what to do and what not to do with your logo creation process.

3. The colors speak

Colors, often left to chance according to the taste of the logo designer, are extremely important and communicate.

Although this is not an obligatory rule, the color will often help the brand’s acceptance according to the category, awakening emotions that go hand in hand with your product or service. It is better to recommend reading the guide on color combination.

4. The search for a style

With the three previous points, it can say that you are in a position to start looking for the aesthetics and message of your logo. And this is where DesignEvo will surprise you with this tool in which, after registering, you can select 10,000 well-organized templates designed by its designer team. And after the selections, you can customize your logo with your needs and creativity.

5. Do not stay out of the process

Once you have all this clear, you can go to the online editor to change fonts, colors, sizes, and what you need most, with a super intuitive interface. While it yields good results, it is always good to play a little more to see if you can customize your logo even more than what it offers original template.

You will also find predefined color palettes (which will help you improve point 3 with colors that combine with the selected one and see the logo in different background colors to evaluate the contrast and other details.


Finally, you can preview the final logo in different media such as business cards, social networks, websites, etc. If all is well, DesignEvo will allow you to download the logo in low resolution. It is recommended that you try it since it produces other interesting results.

Remember, the logo is the identity of your project or undertaking. That is why you must dedicate all the time necessary so that the first impression finds acceptance among your future clients.

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