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The Best 4 Logo Makers for You to Create Stunning Logos

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There is massive number of web services that allow you to create logos for free has increased. Logos for companies, products, and websites play an important role, so it would be better to use professional creators to create them if possible. However, some cases maybe when you want it right away, introducing logo production web services and useful tools in such cases.

You can also create it using free or paid logo materials. See below for details.


On the DesignEvo logo maker, you can choose your favorite logo from over 10,000 templates. The huge logo stock is divided by genre, so you can easily find the template you want to make. To cite an instance, if you want to create a podcast on Spotify, then you can enter this keyword, to find more podcast logo templates to edit.

If you find a logo you like, there is also a function to “search for similar logos,” which is convenient. You have a lot of freedom in editing the color and font of the selected logo.

You can use the ones you created for free for commercial use if you use credit notation, but if you use the paid plan of $ 49.99, you will be able to download high-quality.


NameCheap recently has launched its logo-making service. You can design your logo follow these simple steps. Enter your name and industry, choose some general font styles you like, choose three icons, and Namecheap will show you some logo options. After you select a logo, you can edit and download your design files without paying any fees.

The process of NameCheap’s logo design is very simple and smooth. After adjusting the logo design you want, NameCheap will also display the logo on business cards, websites, and clothes. This visualization will make you feel more about the designed logo.

It also has many options for layout and color, especially in terms of price. Therefore, compared with other platforms, it is very advantageous.


Placeit has joined Envato, and its design assets include logo templates, mockups, and even videos.

Placeit has more than 8000 logo templates. Fill in the website name and industry attributes, and AI will automatically generate some logo options for you to choose from. In addition, for the same logo, you can also choose your favorite color system. Then, according to the logo you choose, you can go to the background to make detailed adjustments, including spacing, fonts, colors, icons, etc., which can all be modified.

If you don’t want to use AI to generate it automatically, you can also make your logo from the large number of templates provided by the platform. Placeit has a large number of logo templates, but all designs on this platform are charged.


Before generating a logo for you, Looka will ask some questions to understand your business better and give logo suggestions.

Provide your brand name first, choose your industry category, choose one or more styles and feelings you like from the 42 logo designs displayed, and then choose 3 of 9 colors for you. Choose the color you like, and then choose the type of small picture you want. Next, the logo will play and provide you with some logo styles to choose from. After you choose the style you like, you can use different fonts and colors to adjust further.

Looka’s design style is modern and professional, using AI to generate Logo styles for you to choose from, and the quality is outstanding. However, there is a charge for downloading the entire logo file.


Now you have learn all these 4 tools? Interested in checkout them to make your first logo. These tools are very user-friendly, you can definitively manage them.

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