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Signs That Your Elder Needs Help At Home

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No matter how much a person likes to live alone and be independent, there comes a time when they can no longer take care of their chores. They might forget to take important medications, or they might forget they had a doctor’s appointment. All these can affect their quality of life. 

When you visit your old parents, there are certain signs you should look for. Old people have a hard time accepting their problems as they do not wish to become a burden on anybody. It can be challenging to convince your senior to hire home care, but personal health care services in Valley Forge can take care of them and improve their quality of life. 

Signs that your elder needs help at home

  1. Unexplainable damages on their car. 

As people get old, their vision gets impaired, and they may no longer be able to handle their vehicle like before. They may accidentally hit their car to the wall while backing or parking. At one time, when it is no longer safe for them to drive, they should give up their keys. Hiring someone to drive them to places can make their life easier and avoid accidents. Look out for scratches, dents, and broken headlights on their car. 

  1. Walking with an unsteady manner. 

If you notice your elderly holding on to furniture while they are walking or if you see them nearly falling several times a day, it means they are unable to have a steady gait to do their daily activities and need assistance. Falling can cause severe injuries in older people. Therefore, it is wise to hire a caregiver to keep an extra set of eyes on them. 

  1. Changes in appearance and personality. 

If your senior used to be an organized, neat, and tidy person a few years back but are now becoming lazy and do not take good care of themselves, they are probably facing difficulty in completing their daily chores and need a helping hand. Warning signs may include wearing dirty clothes, messy house, excessive weight loss or gain, poor diet, poor personal hygiene, etc. Signs of depression, detachment from family members and friends, disinterest in hobbies and activities are also signs of concern. 

  1. Bruises and other injuries. 

Research says that risks of falling increase with age. Old people who cannot walk properly without support have a tendency to fall and hurt themselves. This may cause bruises, cuts, and scrapes on their body, especially on their arms and legs. If you notice such signs in your elder, ask them the cause of it and take immediate action to prevent similar situations in the future. The best way to prevent such falls is to hire caregivers specialized in fall prevention. 

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