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Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Are Both Beautiful and Easy to Care For

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It can be scary to bring your first house plant home. There are a variety of indoor plants for you to choose from, and if you’ve never taken care of a plant before, it might be difficult for you to pick one. When you consider that some plants are more difficult to care for and require a lot of attention, it becomes even more difficult. If you want to add some greenery to your home but are new to plant parenting and want to stick to plants that are more forgiving and low-maintenance, this is a list of Houseplants for you.

Here are some low-Maintenance plants that you may use in your home

Zebrina Tradescantia

Place it in bright indirect light, water when the top inch of soil dries up, fertilize once a month (unless in the winter), and try to keep it in a humid environment to keep it happy. While it prefers to be kept moist, it can survive a few missed waterings. Just keep an eye out for yellow foliage, which could indicate that you’re overwatering. It’s a houseplant that may be kept controlled and compact in a pot or grown in a hanging basket to show off its long, lovely trailing vines. This plant is incredibly flexible, easy to grow, and difficult to kill, making it an excellent indoor plant online to have around.

Air plants

Plants that grow in the air are appealing because they can be displayed in a variety of ways, including on stands, terrariums, and even refrigerator magnets. They’re also very low-maintenance, as they get most of their nutrients from the air. Simply immerse them in a water bath every few weeks (shaking off any excess water) and spray them in between. The way air plants can grow, well, merely in air, makes them seem almost unearthly. There’s no need for any soil at all.

Furthermore, their leaves can resemble alien tentacles or the appendages of a strange marine creature. These fascinating tiny plants have grown fairly popular in recent years, appearing at almost every garden center and even in the grocery store checkout line. There are also several internet nurseries that specialize in air plants, especially the more uncommon varieties. We’ve gathered a few suggestions for caring for air plants and enjoying them in your home because they’re a little different to grow than most other houseplants.


One of the most suitable houseplants is this pothos plant. It can withstand both low and high light levels, so you can install it almost anywhere in your home. Water when the top inch or two of soil dries out for optimal results. Many people believe the pothos plant to be an excellent method to begin caring for houseplants. Pothos care is simple and low-maintenance, making this gorgeous plant an easy way to add some green to your house. Plant Care for Pothos It’s really simple to take care of a pothos plant.

These plants can grow in different conditions. They thrive in both bright, indirect light and low light, and can be cultivated in dry soil or in water-filled vases. They do almost as well in nutrient-poor soil as they do in nutrient-rich soil. Plants can be purchased online by shopping indoor plants online from a nursery to enhance the appearance of your home.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen plant, also known as the Silver Bay Aglaonema, has a lovely painted look to its leaves and requires little care to keep it happy. Wait until the soil is dry between waterings to help it thrive. It requires at least a little light and does not require a lot of water. It’s simple to grow Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema). Because of its ease of maintenance, this gem of a plant is one of the most popular house plants. Chinese evergreen plants come in a variety of colors and patterns, including variegated species.

Although they are tolerant of a wide range of growth environments, they will produce better results if you follow certain guidelines. This includes planting them in well-draining soil, preferably a combination of potting soil, perlite, and sand in an equal proportion. Indirect sunlight or medium to low light conditions is ideal for Chinese evergreen plants.

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