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6 Iron Entry Door Ideas To Give Your Home In Iowa A Modern Twist

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Iron doors are back in style these days, and new homeowners use these doors for a modern look. These doors are so popular because they can go with any style and design. So whether you like modern, traditional, minimalistic, or contemporary, iron doors can easily fit your aesthetics. In addition to that, Iron doors these days come in so many styles and designs that you may find it difficult to make your pick. Not only that, but these doors can drastically improve the curbside appeal of your house in Iowa and increase its property value.

Why Should You Pick Iron Entry Doors?

Iron entry doors have always been a symbol of class and sophistication. This is the main reason they’ve always been in style. These doors come in modern designs that are great for all types of homes. Another reason for the popularity of these doors is that they turn any doorway into a grand entrance and your entrance is the first thing anyone notices. That’s why if your front door isn’t great, the rest of your house won’t be noticed no matter how beautiful it is. 

Types Of Doors Classic Doors With A Modern Twist

Besides the traditional Victorian-inspired iron entry doors, other types of entry doors can make your house look modern. Here are some of them.

Iron Double Doors

Iron double doors are the best way to combine traditional elements with a modern finish. Originally these doors were used as grand entrances for mansions, but now they are used to make the house look classy and sophisticated. The biggest advantage of these doors is that they can be customized in different ways.

So if you want solid double doors for a minimalistic modern look, or if you want doors with intricate designs, iron double doors are the right choice for you. These days you even get the option to pick different colors other than black and brown, allowing you to install doors that go with the color scheme of the rest of your house.

Solid Iron Doors

For smaller homes that can’t accommodate bigger doors, solid iron doors are the next best option. These doors are designed for smaller doorways, but they tend to make them appear bolder, especially if your modern house incorporates white a lot.

You can customize these doors by using silver door handles as accents, or you can go with the minimalistic look and use matching door handles and hinges for an understated look. These days you can even get these doors in different colors such as red or gray for a more modern look.

Contemporary Entry Doors

Contemporary entry doors are the ones that combine modern looks with slightly traditional elements. Contemporary iron doors contain glass panels that make the door look modern while still maintaining its sturdiness. The best thing about these doors is the customization options. You can opt for transparent glass panels, frosted glass panels, or even tinted glass panels to match the look of your house. Tinted panels these days come in many colors, such as gray, rose gold, and blue. These panels can change the color of natural light entering your house and give the interior a new look.

Arched Iron Doors

For bigger houses, arched doors are the best option. This is because using regular doors shrinks the height of the house and makes it look smaller. This is a big issue for modern homes because the base of any modern design is space.

So to make your house look bigger, you can use the extra space above the doorway and install arched iron entry doors. These doors come in many styles, from double doors to glass-panel doors. Solid doors make the house look more authoritative, while glass panels add a contemporary look. Regardless of that, both styles are suited for modern homeowners.

Scrollwork Doors

Scrollwork doors were originally used in traditional-style homes, but they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern homes. This style of entry door includes different swirl patterns on the door, and combining it with a solid backdrop gives the design a modern twist. These doors are new and look refreshing on modern homes instead of common doors. Not to mention you can increase or decrease the intensity of the scrolls to make the door look minimal or contemporary.

Geometric And Asymmetrical Designs

Geometric and asymmetrical entry door designs are the latest in modern home designs. Geometric designs are themselves quite modern and contemporary. These designs are heavily used in modern interior designing, so it makes sense to use them on the doors as well.

For asymmetrical designs, these are interpreted by introducing straight lines and mismatching designs on custom entry doors to make them look minimalistic and edgy. For example, if you have double doors on your entrance, both sides can have different designs that complement each other.

If you’re looking to replace your entry doors, take a look at the iron door Iowa collection at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They are a reputed entry door manufacturing company operating in Iowa. Besides entry doors, the company also produces steel sliding doors, patio doors, and black steel windows. Visit their website or get in touch with them today to find out more.

About The Author

The author works for a home remodeling agency and has been in the industry for over a decade. She has worked with various companies, including Pinky’sIron Doors, to help customers get the best front doors. Currently, she’s setting up her own interior designing company.

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