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3 Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean the Mattress

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Sydney is a vibrant city in Australia famous for its beautiful beaches, yacht-studded harbour, and iconic opera house. People in Sydney believe that a fresh and clean home can help them stay healthy. Mattresses play an essential role in aiding people to rest well throughout the night. Generally, beds are covered with a bedsheet.

Even when the sheets are changed regularly, there will be a significant amount of dust, dirt particles, dead skin flakes, dried fluid residue, and microorganisms that thrive on the mattresses. Mattress dry cleaning in Sydney helps people clean all types and sizes of mattresses and make them look fresh and new.

Maintain indoor air quality

People spend 8 hours each day sleeping on the bed. It is crucial to maintain the air quality in the bedroom to stay safe and healthy. The dust particles on the bed’s surface enter the body while breathing, and it may cause health issues. Poor air quality in the bedroom leads to health issues like eye irritation and respiratory diseases like sneezing, watery eyes, and upper respiratory congestion.

Allergy prevention

Dust mites thrive on mattresses, and their excrements trigger allergies like asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. Cleaning the beds is the best way to remove the dust mites and prevent allergies. Most allergy attacks occur at night when a person is sleeping as the body reacts to dust mites on the mattress. By minimizing the occurrence of allergens on the bed, all allergies caused by dust mites are eliminated.

Peaceful sleep

Sleeping on a clean and dust-free mattress helps people relax easily. Nobody can have a peaceful sleep with thousands of dust mites crawling on the bed. People feel comfortable and sleep well on a clean bed. Good sleep is necessary to feel fresh throughout the day, and sleep helps improve physical health and emotional wellness. An unclean mattress affects the room’s air quality and doesn’t provide a peaceful sleep.

A mattress is an essential investment for the bedroom. The bed may appear clean when a bedsheet covers it. However, dust mites penetrate the sheets and live inside the mattress. Humans shed around one and a half grams of skin each day, and the dust mites feed on it. Hair, fluids, and dead skin collect on the bed, which creates a perfect environment for bacteria, fungus, and dust mites. These elements degrade the mattress, cause foul odour, trigger allergic reactions, and cause many health issues.

Steps to clean a mattress

Mattress dry cleaning in Sydney follows several steps to clean the mattresses.

Vacuuming: The bed is vacuumed to remove the debris and dead skin cells accumulated on the surface. Each corner and nook is vacuumed to remove all the mites and dirt.

Stain removal: Mattresses have sweat stains, dirt, dried and bodily fluids. A stain remover is used to remove the stains and unsightly marks from the surface of the mattress.

Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning is done to deep clean the mattress, and it removes the mould, bacteria, and dirt from the bed and makes it smell fresh and clean.

Deodorising: Professional mattress cleaners deodorise the mattress after cleaning it, and it makes the bed smell good and gives it a fresh and clean look.

A clean mattress is vital to improve sleep quality and keep a person healthy. Sheets need to be washed regularly to keep the bed clean. The professional mattress cleaners can make the mattress look fresh as a new mattress and help you stay in good health. Click here for more articles.

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