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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Gaming Videos

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Do you want to start a video gaming channel? Or you’re an avid gamer seeking to create your videos? The video gaming industry has several careers you can explore. If you are out to make money, starting your video gaming channel is one of the lucrative ways to do it.

You have the potential to join talented creators with a huge following on social platforms like with YouTube gaming channels. All you need is to learn how to create a fast-paced and entertaining video, and you can win a huge following. Today, gaming has gone mainstream, and many internet users play online games daily. Many online users love watching gaming videos.

Bring your game imagination into reality using an advanced video editor to cut and refine your footage and clips into a video that flows to get more viewers for your gaming video. Don’t just screen record your games and begin posting. That makes your video unattractive. If your video gaming doesn’t look professional, you will discourage your audience from watching.

Follow the steps here and learn how to create professional-looking gaming videos. Even if you’re new to video creation, you will develop the most engaging gaming videos with the help of a good video editor. Just ensure you have enough time for editing work after recording.

Easy Guide on How to Create Gaming Videos

Plan Your Gaming Video

Getting into video creation without an elaborate plan will lead to poor results. That’s why you need to begin with a plan for your gaming video. Figure out what you would want your final video to look like. Besides, you should determine the purpose of your video before investing your time and resources in creating gaming videos.

Equipment is among the things you need to think about when making your video plans. Which console will you use? When playing on Mac or PC, it will be easy to capture yourself playing and making a gaming video within a short time.

You should also figure out the lighting. Lack of light in your video will ruin your gaming experience. If you film at night or in a dark room, consider adding extra light. Your PC could have artificial lights you can clip on while filming your gaming video. However, lighting should worry you much because video editors can help correct and improve lighting in your video.

Headphones and microphones are a crucial part of gaming videos too, and you should get a quality pair. Your audience needs to hear you clearly. Also, you must be able to hear your game without bothering others around you. That’s why you should get a high-quality noise-cancelling microphone to enhance the gaming video experience.

Decide on the Type of Gaming Video

As you plan your first gaming video, choose the style of video you want to create. First, determine your niche and target audience if you post your videos. When teaching your viewers how to play a specific game or explaining how to be a winner, you can use walkthrough gaming videos. A walkthrough video helps showcase your skills and knowledge while taking your audience through each step of the way.

You can also create record-breaking gaming videos. If you have extra skills in playing online video games, you could screen record yourself while you break records. Therefore, you can create multiple videos about yourself trying to create new records or beating your previous ones. But ensure your video is well put together to capture every playing moment that stands out. You can use an online video editor to refine your screen recordings into engaging gaming videos.

Gaming reviews will also be great to create. Maybe you want to tell your audience who’s interested in a particular game if the new DLC is worth playing or not. If that’s the case, you can achieve a lot through gaming review videos. Many players are out there figuring out if a given game is too hard to win or not. Sharing your thoughts and opinions as you play the new game will earn you many viewers.

Screen Record Your Game

You can begin screen recording if you have chosen the game to record or gaming video type to create. Avoid choosing a hard game if you want to attract the audience’s attention. While screen recording your games ensure your video has ultra-quality HD and clear visuals. You don’t have to buy the most costly equipment. With simple recording software, you can screen record your games on any device. However, using the PS4 makes everything easy when it comes to screen recording. You only have to press the share button twice before the recording begins.

Get The Right Online Video Editor

Pick your video editing software once you have done screen recording and added face video or commentary to the game. A good video editor is vital in creating a well-refined gaming video.

Many free tools exist online, and you can choose any with convenient features for your gaming project. Your gaming video should have good cuts, transitions, sound effects and uniform lighting. 

Begin Editing Your Gaming Video

After uploading your gaming video to your editing tool, you can trim and cut your content to bring your vision to reality. And if you’re happy with the flow, you can incorporate good sound effects into your video. You only need to drag and drop your preferred music into the timeline.

When working on sound effects, ensure to crop your video and audio to the same length. Just drag your editor’s sidebars left and right. While adding music is a unique way to attract your audience’s attention, ensure it matches your visuals. Besides that, the audio levels in your gaming video should be balanced.

Add an Intro and Outro to Your Video

Your gaming video will be more interesting with an intro. If you have intro or outro cards on your device, you can upload them to your video editor. After that, drag-drop them to your timeline. You can make them from scratch too. However, that may require you to drag and drop your music files another time to match up in your gaming video.

Export Your Gaming Video

Click on the export button of your editor to save the video. Ensure to choose file format options compatible with the platform you want to share your content on. Before posting, watch your gaming video to ensure everything is perfect. If you are happy with everything, you can post your video.


Creating gaming videos is quite easy. You only need to come up with a concrete plan, get the right gear, including versatile video editing software, and you will start producing quality gaming videos. Ensure to follow the steps highlighted here, and you will become a pro gaming videos creator within a short time.

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