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A Beginners Guide to Paintball Guns

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Paintball guns, also known as markers, can be a lot of fun. On Saturday, nothing can play a wooden ball between friends. Call of Duty and Halo are a lot of fun, but trust us when we say going out and playing the right thing is ten times more fun. However, brands can be intimidating to beginners. These are large and complex weapons, and if you’ve never used them, you may not know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. While brands look, feel, and look creepy, it’s really easy to learn how to use them safely. So our goal in this article is very simple: to teach you the basics of a paintball gun so that the next time you are invited to play with your friends, get a grade, and colors, you will be comfortable and safe.

A moment of safety

Paintball is not a dangerous sport when everyone has safety first and knows how to play it safely. Yes, accidents can happen. However, the most common injuries we see on a paintball field aren’t caused by a marker. Probably the most common injuries in paintball games are the ankles.

We will move on to another post that deals more with top-rated paintball gun safety, but now we get to the beginning of the discussion. The guide covers sometimes referred to as cut sleeves or guides condoms, are simply covers that cover the end of the valve body to prevent the parasitic wheel from pulling when the valve is not intended for use. When not using the barrel, it should ALWAYS be on the barrel

Dowels are also available, but we recommend staying away from them. They tend to fall off the barrel and therefore are not as effective as a simple barrel cover. Most business parks will not allow you to enter or enter the area if your sign has no sidewalks. So this is the basic equipment. Not only is it important to take the field, but above all so that we can protect everyone.

How does a paintball gun work?

Do you agree that paintball guns and real guns are quite similar? I mean, they both have a cannon, a trigger, and they both fire a bullet at high velocity. They may look the same, but does that mean they’re about to be vetted?

Even if you’ve never touched a gun, we’ve all seen movies and know how to shoot a gun (pull the trigger), but do you know what to do with a gun before the bullet hits? Don’t you take the cannon? There are many types of firearms, but they all work on the same basic principles.

First of all, the whole process of turning the wheel begins with pressing the trigger. When you pull the trigger, the spark plug hits the ignition, igniting the gunpowder and suddenly creating high pressure. This burst of pressure pushes the bullet in and out of the barrel. It’s the whole process of shooting a gun.

And guess what? Paintball guns follow the same procedure. Instead of the gun hitting the gunpowder and acting as a catalyst, compressed air is used to guide the bullet down and out of the barrel. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to shoot paintball out of the mark.

  1. The launcher will be lowered
  2. Compressed air is released into the expansion chamber or air regulator
  3. The jet of compressed air is directed towards the sliding housing
  4. This explosion of air missiles preceded it
  5. The attacker throws the ball down the barrel
  6. Some of the air is used to secure the firing pin, which prepares the weapon for the next round


Amazing when you realize that the whole process can happen instantly. The whole process can take place several times per second, depending on the paintball! Most standard gravity guns can fire around 10 shots of ink per second, while other built-in paintball guns can fire up to 30 times per second!

Paintball Guns

3 types of brands

There are three types of paintball guns, divided into categories based on how the colored balls shoot at the cursor. The three categories are 1) pump, 2) mechanical and 3) electro-pneumatic.

1) Pump

The pump-action paintball gun has the slowest shot because the user has to manually use it before each shot. They look like a shotgun and the shooter has to pump the gun to mark the hook and comb a new bullet for each shot.

If you use a paintball gun in a game that uses all other mechanical or electromechanical markers, you will be injured. Pumping signals can be fun, however, when everyone in the game uses them. Pumping paintball guns requires players to attack their opponent with a strategy that is slightly better than the spray method and light up beans and expect to hit someone.

However, we generally recommend staying away from paintball guns that have a pump function as their first or main marker, because if everyone uses a mechanical marker, you’re in for a bad way to have fun.

2) Mechanical checks

Power-powered paintball markers are the most common weapon of paintballs used in commercial paint malls and recreational games. Why? Easy to use and maintain, it withstands most weather conditions well, yet provides good fire and good range.

Mechanical paint guns are sometimes called “aiming cameras” because they are so easy to use that almost anyone can quickly pick them up and play with them. However, we would like to call it the “Swiss Army Knife” for paintball guns because it is very functional and works well in various games and conditions. Not only do they hold up well in adverse weather conditions, but they usually have a semi-automatic setting so you can activate a charge every time you pull the trigger.

Remember, mechanical markings only have advantages if they are well built and in good condition. Many mechanical guns have the highest quality paintballs and have excellent properties.

Mechanical signs are the most common paintball guns used for wooden bowling games and boxes. It can also be used for a fastball, but if your opponent is using an electromechanical marker, you have a slight disadvantage in terms of the rate of fire.

In general, mechanical markers are affordable, versatile, and robust. Here are newbies who highly recommend checking to see if they want to purchase their first paint gun.

3) Electromechanical

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of electromechanical paintball guns is that they have the highest rate of fire and other excellent missile measurements. However, they are much more complex and sensitive than mechanical markers. And due to their complexity and sensitivity, they require a lot of maintenance and cannot assemble things like high-quality mechanical markers.

How are they built to make their shutter speed so much faster? The mechanical connection between the trigger and the actuator is substantially replaced by electromechanical markings with an electronic switch that communicates with the circuit/solenoid valve. This makes it much easier and faster for the user to pull the trigger. Most people compare the trigger to an electromechanical paintball gun with the click of a mouse on the computer. You can do this quickly and it doesn’t require a lot of strength or movement to activate it.

Some of these high-tech brands allow you to set your firing speed even when using the integrated circuit. But to be fair to other players, many masters of the game need the rate of fire of electric paintball guns.

Electromechanical markers are mainly used for speed, but many use them in wooden balls and house games. If you want to be competitive at high speed, you need an electromechanical scorer. The only way to not always be competitive is to use a mechanical marker that moves much slower than the competition. The good news is that while electromechanical brands have been a bit more expensive in the past, prices have dropped dramatically in recent years, making them more affordable.

There are many good and affordable brands of electrochemistry. But don’t think you have to buy one for fun. Mechanical brands are highly competitive and hold up better with less long-term maintenance.

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