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When can you file a wrongful termination lawsuit in San Antonio?

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For the unversed, Texas is an at-will employment state. What does that mean? In simple words, your employer can fire you for any reason (or even no reason) whenever they want. However, if you have been terminated for other reasons, such as harassment or discrimination, you could file a wrongful termination lawsuit. A skilled San Antonio wrongful death attorney can help you file a lawsuit and claim compensation from your employer. In this post, we are sharing the circumstances when you may have a valid wrongful termination lawsuit. 

  1. Discrimination. State and federal laws protect employees against discrimination based on religion, age, gender, race, and nationality. If you believe that you have suffered discrimination at work and were wrongfully fired, you must contact a lawyer and seek their expertise. Just because you believe there was a discrimination case doesn’t mean you have a lawsuit. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances based on evidence. 
  2. Harassment. Both state and federal laws also protect you against wrongful termination related to harassment. For instance, if a supervisor made sexual advances, you could file a complaint. Instead of taking action, if the company fires you from the job due to harassment, you may have a case of wrongful discrimination. 
  3. Retaliation. It is no secret that employers often retaliate against employees who engage in certain actions. For example, if you were fired because you complained of employment violations, you may have a case against your employer. Retaliation is not uncommon, and it is important to have key evidence to win the lawsuit. 
  4. Violation of contract. If your termination from the job was a clear violation of the employment contract, you might have a valid lawsuit. Again, winning a wrongful termination lawsuit is not easy. Experienced attorneys agree that taking key steps at an early stage is critical for such cases. 

What to expect from a wrongful termination lawsuit?

First things first, get an attorney to evaluate your circumstances. Like we mentioned, winning a wrongful termination requires evidence, and it is not enough to accuse the employer. Your lawyer can pursue the case in court if needed, and if you win, you can expect to get your job back and be compensated for the losses and suffering. It depends on the facts of the case, but a good lawyer can help you recover a fair settlement. 

Contact an attorney in San Antonio if you believe you have a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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