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Classic Refrigerator Brands That Focus on Quality and Durability

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Delfield Refrigerators

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In 1949, Paul DeLorenzo and Thomas Springfield began a small company headquartered in Detroit’s east side. The Delfield Company immediately began to grow and twenty years later, DeLorenzo bought out Springfield, and the entire company was acquired by Clark Equipment. Delfield produced some of the best single door refrigerators in the USA with quality performance and a long lifespan.

Throughout the coming decade, additional plants were opened and in 1976, Delfield was purchased by the Alco Standard Corporation.

The Delfield Company passed from hand to hand, operating as a part of Scotsman Industries than the Welbilt Group under the Berisford PLC name. Finally, after another acquisition, the Delfield Company became a part of Manitowoc Foodservice.

Stainless Steel with technology

Despite all of these changes, the Delfield Company itself has thrived. Today, Delfield is recognized as the largest custom stainless steel refrigeration equipment producer in the world.

Careful attention to the production process as well as product design has played a large role in Delfield’s ability to not only survive but rise in the ranks of the refrigeration industry.

Today, Delfield produces a number of unique refrigerators and related products. Most are designed for commercial use, including air curtains and blast chillers, and freezers.

Other unique products include drop-in pan chillers, ice cream storage units, and reach-in freezers. Delfield also manufactures under-the-counter freezers and wheeled units that make life in a busy professional kitchen easier.

Delfield supplies numerous refrigerators as well as freezers and other necessities for business owners. Although the company’s history passes through many other companies, Delfield has proven that it outshines almost all when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

Dometic Refrigerators

Dometic Group produces a line of RV refrigerators and other related equipment. The company’s overall goal is to help consumers live more comfortably. While the items Dometic manufactures are intended for leisure use, they are still very practical and functional.

Along with RV refrigerators, Dometic’s catalog includes awnings, air conditioners, sanitation systems, cookers, mobile power equipment, lighting, doors, windows, and safety equipment.

To complement its line of refrigerators, Dometic also produces coolers and freezers. These are intended to be lightweight and easy to carry without sacrificing the product’s ability to keep food and beverages cool. Many of Dometic’s coolers and freezer options are designed for easy transport, even when traveling on foot.


Refrigerators designed by Dometic Group are intended to enrich travel and make camping simpler. These units are intended for installation in RVs and are designed to be durable and rugged with all of the standard features consumers expect.

The models included are also very attractive, with stylish chrome designs and black accents for a very modern appeal.  In terms of functionality, Dometic RV refrigerators come with many extra features, including ice makers, while requiring less power than the RV refrigerators of a decade ago.

Dometic RV refrigerators are also designed to maximize capacity so more food can be stored on each trip. Other models include black and traditional white units as well as wood panel variations. Consumers can choose from the standard bottom refrigerator door and top freezer door designs or side-by-side doors.

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