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Top 7 Video Ads on YouTube in 2020

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If you’re a savvy marketer, you know for sure that video ads are a robust asset to attract the audience. Videos have been a new diva in the sea of content, making up over 82% of internet traffic this year. We are going to talk about the top ads on Youtube That might interest you.

With over one billion hours of videos being watched on YouTube, it suggests that people love this type of content religiously. This is a huge sign of how profitable videos can be for businesses.  

As a result, marketers have considered using video content as part of their marketing strategies. Surprisingly enough, short and straightforward types of video like explainer videos take center stage in advertising strategy since it helps them raise awareness and generate conversions in a short time. 

You can find video ads everywhere, from television to social media and video hosting platforms like YouTube. 

Every year, YouTube releases top ads on YouTube, which garnered millions of views. These videos have been insanely popular that viewers don’t take them as promotional materials anymore, they enjoy watching them. 

So, if you’re looking for great inspiration for your next video ad campaigns, check these seven top ads on YouTube

1. Never Too Far Down | You Can’t Stop Us | Nike


This video ad has garnered over 110 million views since it was launched in May 2020. It follows the story of successful sports players: James LeBron, Serena Williams, Tiger Wood, Christiano Ronaldo, and many more.

This ad shows a clip of how each sports star has faced some roadblocks and challenges during their careers. From losing a tournament to having health issues is the kind of problem that every professional athlete has experienced. 

Nike is top-notch in delivering messages for inspiring video ads like this. It’s been known that every Nike ad has those meaningful stories of a human being in their marketing campaigns.

You can learn to make insightful videos following the journey of your brand to capture the audience’s heart. This approach is far more blatantly bragging about your awesome product’s features in the campaign.

2. LOST & CROWNED | A Clash Short Film


If you ever wonder whether short animated videos will make a high-performing ad, it’s a yes! YouTube has listed Clash of Clans’ short animation as one of the best ads in 2020. 

This video ad tells the journey of two skeletons in a kingdom wanting to have some fun with a stolen crown. The two skeletons face hurdles during their times, forcing them to keep the crown safe no matter what.  

This Clash of Clans ad is very entertaining that people don’t realize it was a campaign after all. The cinematic work is mesmerizing, and the storyline is on point. Not to mention that every character has in-depth emotion, making viewers are into this ad for 11 minutes.

This perfect animation can engage well with the audience. Even some people leave comments under this video, expressing how awesome the animation is. They even consider playing this game in their free time. 

3. The whole working-from-home thing — Apple


Yeah, sure, 2020 was all about staying at home—online school, exercise at home, and work from home.   

This Apple ad is an excellent depiction of how at-home stuff is like for everyone. There is the crash meeting with pets, I-woke-up-like-this faces, all-hail shorts, and many more. Not to mention that parents have to deal with their screaming kids all the time.

However, Apple brings this situation very smoothly that it relates to everyone on this planet. The video shows how Apple products help people to work seamlessly. It even works out for children too.     

The actors embody the characters deeply. Watching this six minutes ad doesn’t feel like having one. It was entertaining and full of insights at the same time.

4. NEXT 100 || NFL Super Bowl LIV Commercial


It’s another live-action commercial that tells the story of a kid who plays football excitedly. The people around encourage him to bring the ball to the house, giving this boy hope to win a round someday. The clip closes with the boy entering a stadium with supporters cheer on him.  

Watching this video ad is like getting an additional positive pill on the day. The story gives the audience the meaning of supportiveness, especially for the younger generation. The NFL’s ad truly brings out the joy in every child who has dreams to pursue. 

This video commercial is an ideal sample for you looking for a way to inspire others without making it too salesy. Instead of promoting the Super Bowl league, catching up with some insightful stories can better reach out to the audience. 

5. Aunts Infestation – GEICO Insurance


This satire video commercial tells the story of a couple having beef with their aunts. Everything was normal until the aunts started nagging about here and then, making the couple anxious about their new homes.  

The insurance company then came as a solution, making it possible to cover your house, even a rented one, in bundling coverage with other liabilities like cars. This 30 seconds video ad conveys the message powerfully while inserting implicit reasons why viewers need to get their house insured. 

This short commercial successfully captured more than 28 million views since August 2020. It’s a huge accomplishment for an insurance company that is used to be an unattractive business by many.

6. First-Ever GMC HUMMER EV | “Horsepower.”


The analogy still works best on commercials. This brand-new electric vehicle (EV) SUV depicts how powerful their energy is on the road—the short clip of horses running shows how the car is fueled with horsepower.   

If you run out of ideas to make your ad interesting, this video commercial can be another great sample. You can explain your product in just a few seconds to depict an analogy that fits your brands.

Moreover, this video ad leaves a strong impression on viewers. The color palette signifies the brand’s trustworthiness. The darker shade comes out elegant and powerful in the eyes of the audience.

7. Jimmy Works It Out | Michelob ULTRA | Super Bowl LIV


Who would have guessed that this video is a beer commercial? Starring John Cena and Jimmy Fallon, the storyline begins with them exercising their muscles out. 

The introduction looks like a solid sports commercial on the internet. It’s then the story turned out completely different, with Jimmy having a break with a can of beer. 

This video ad is so refreshing and entertaining. It’s great for product campaigns that need some plot twists on their stories. You can recreate this commercial by making an interesting storyline that surprises viewers. 


Working on video ads can be exciting and challenging at the same time. The process itself may be fun for the most part, but launching it to the public is a whole different thing — it can be daunting.

People have their own preferences when it comes to choosing a product or service. However, offering them through video commercials can significantly increase sales for your business. The audience who has no intention of buying a product can be convinced with commercials easily. 

For instance, take a note from the Clash of Clans’ video ad above. The short animated video has reached out to a bigger audience that isn’t on its target market. It impresses people with its engaging animation story that leads them into trying out the mobile game.   

Author Bio


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: andre@breadnbeyond.com 

LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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